What is about taking bus in Chinese city?


In China, if you want to know about Chinese city deeply, taking bus is a good idea. In many Chinese cities, there are many buses from city center to railway station, airport, supermarket, scenery and to suburb. Compared to taxi, bus may be slower. But during the road, you can appreciate small street, small shop and peoples of that city. You can get off in one station to have a visit to what you are interested in. Tickets of city buses are cheap. Most tickets are about 1-2 RMB. There are conductors in some buses. You can buy tickets from them. They will tell you how much you should pay. But in most buses there are not conductors. You can only gat on bus through front door. You should throw money into the money box. It bases on the notice on bus door or on the money box. Mostly the amount is 1 or 2RMB. If you are not sure about the money, you can ask the bus driver. Most city buses run during daytime and do not run in late-night. You’d better read the running schedule of buses first.

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