Traveling in Wutai Mountain


About ten years ago, I visited the Wutai Mountain in Shanxi in summer. We took a bus to climb up the mountain, following a tour group travel. Inside my impression, the bus slowly climbed up the mountain from the north road. But even so, my ears had occurred a tinnitus, similar to flying. Then the tour guide said that the Wutai Mountain is more than three thousand meters above sea level, some weak people would appear some reactions - maybe I was one of them. We began to climb the mountain in the afternoon, and the evening accommodation was at the top of the mountain. I thought the Wutai Mountain is in the north of China, and it must be rocky, desolate, and bare. But when I was in it, I know that I had made a mistake. The Wutai Mountain was green, prosperous, with forests and grass. Forests were mainly made up of pines and some other hardy trees, which was green and tall and straight, strongly standing on the rock. The green grass really was glossy, vibrant, and neat, just trimmed by the nature. Some mountains were like prairies; full of grass but with a few trees. The golden sun shined on the grassland. When the mountain breeze blew, the grass went ups and downs, rustled, like a sea. I had lost myself in the beauty. Looking up, it was pure blue, and the white clouds were floating in the sky, and drifting away in an idle. I have forgotten time, space; put down everything and let my soul flying with the clouds.

I slept early that night, in order to get up early the next day, to enjoy a cool and refreshing morning in the mountains. May be tired, may be relaxed, I had a deep and good sleep. The next morning, not only tinnitus disappeared, I was refreshed again. Walking in the mountains in summer morning, it was a little cold. I had to wear a coat. In addition to sounds of birds, there was also some chiming from temples.

Watching this beautiful scenery, my mind seemed to fly up in the sky, outside the atmosphere.

If there is an opportunity, I will go to the Wutai Mountain again.

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