Matters needing attention about self-driving journey in China


There are more and more people in China like self-driving journey, but many people mainly drive in city. You may drive quite well in your city at ordinary times, but in your journey to the destination, there may be a highway, there may be provincial roads, county roads, mountain roads, country roads. And in the winter you even may meet raining,snowing and frozen roads. There may be fog in the spring and autumn season. Are you ready for these conditions?

But no matter how, firstly you need to know the weather conditions and road conditions before your journey, and then do some prepare work. Not familiar with the road conditions, speed control is certainly no harm. It’s a good choice if you go with friends who are familiar with the roads. Learning lessons and experience of others from books, travel magazines, the Internet and doing some homework about roads are very necessary. Sometimes some roads are closed temporarily for repairing and maintenance, driving on the way you should pay attention to the traffic warning labels. GPS devices or map are needed, especially when you meet the situation that you must change your way, and with them you needn’t worry about losing your way. Of course, on some byway, in some remote area, finding a local guide is a good choice.

In addition, you have to do some necessary preparations for your car before you leave. You’d better to have your car a comprehensive and professional safety inspection by professionals. Such as tire pressure, aging situation of tire, and the situation of the spare tire is good or not. Angle of rearview mirror is right or not, mirrors are whether clear,that can ensure the driver to have a clear vision. Whether all kinds of lights are normal, when driving in the rain the intensity of lights are must good enough. Whether safety warning equipments are in good condition and clear, you must ensure that they are clear and have a good warning effect in emergency. Child-locks, door locks, window lifts, and airbags are normal or not. Brakes and ABS are particularly important on the snowing, icing or fog weather. Because the braking distance will be longer than on the dry way and the car is easier to slide.

In some special areas, good performance of your car is required. If the power and torque of your car’s engine is not strong enough, it is a hard work to climb mountain at higher elevation, especially there are full of passengers in your car with airconditioning. And in that condition, it’s also very hard to speed up, even if your foot pressures the accelerator to the end. In plateau, mountain road, an engine with a turbocharger will show its advantage. The turbocharger can make up the power decrease by pressuring the inlet-air to a higher level. But in the loose sand, the Gobi desert, mud, snow, and icy roads, even with large power and torque,sometimes your car maybe get into trouble too. The best way is to get away from them. By the way, a rough road is not suitable for vehicles with low chassis. It’s easy to damage the car chassis and that will affect your travel plans. Then a car with high chassis is ideal, such as SUV.

If passengers are in poor health, or there are old people or young children in your car, a long road trip is challenging, as self-driving journey is also a test of physical strength and endurance. When there are traffic jams, damaged roads, vehicles broken down, or in your car there is no food to eat, no water to drink, it’s uncomfortable for them to stay in the car for a long time.

Moreover, it is better that the driver has some long-distance driving experiences; they may be easier to deal with an emergency.

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