What is about the Chinese Spring Festival? Why Chinese people pay more attention to it?


In China, many people think that the Chinese Spring Festival is the most important festival.

Firstly, the Spring Festival means that a new year and a new spring will come. You can say goodbye to the last year and will face a new year with good luck and more hope. Most people buy new clothes, shoes, find foods and presents to welcome the coming of new year.

Secondly, in the ancient society, many people were farmers, after one year hard working and having a good harvest, they can have a good rest in the winter. Also today, people have legal holidays in spring festival. People stay at home with their family or having a more happy journey with their family.

Thirdly, now in China, many people work far from their parents or their family. In the spring festival, they go home to see their family, having parties with their good friends. Even the way back home takes them one or two days by train or bus, they are happy to go home only for several days reunion. That’s the traditional bond of family and love.

Finally, in many areas people have temple fairs in spring festival, they pray for good luck and health in temple. Temple Fairs are full of people, and are very exciting. People can see or play traditional games there.

After the spring festival, many people go out to work again. When they come back again, maybe it’s the next spring festival.

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