To attract Chinese tourists, why not advertise on our website at now?


More and more Chinese people of middle class travel to foreign. They have time and money to go out to see different people and different leaving. So where they want to go and what they want to buy is very important. That means the chances to make money and more job opportunities.

Now the most important thing is to get the information about their aims of tourist spots. But many Chinese people are not very good at English or other foreign languages. Most Chinese people learn from their friends or from world wide network about tourist spots and then make a choice.

So advertising is very important for the tourist spots to attract people from China. As we know that Hong Kong is one of the most open cities in China and in the world. It's modern and fashion. Also the information is widely and quickly transferred to Chinese mainland.

The picture is the most easy way to understand how beautiful that a scenery is. Our website is very good at showing pictures of tourist spots and also we can write articles to introduce tourist spots with Chinese language. We are good at understanding customer's intentions and exactly transfer it to Chinese tourists.

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