In China mainland, mobile payments are more and more popular


In China mainland, mobile payments are more and more popular. The mobile phone linked with credit cards, and with a mobile phone people can pay for their bills in restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas, railway stations and airports, for taking a taxi or even a bottle of water in a small store. Some people even pay for their new house or a new car with their mobile phone. So cash in people's wallets now is less than before. In big cities, people can even go out to street without cash in their wallet, because their mobile phone can do almost all payments. But their mobile phone must have enough power, or they can do nothing!

On the other hand, people can also pay their bills on network or face to face off lines with their mobile phone .

So now the mobile payment has changed Chinese people's consumption mode and behavior deeply.  At the same time, many banks have also adjusted their outlets to deal with the new situation. Because more and more cash businesses are done on network instead of outlets.

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